Loss mitigation

 SHM is an emerging name in the industry by providing proprietary and best of the breed loss mitigation support services for lenders, servicers, and investors. Lenders and investors are experiencing a surge in delinquencies and defaults and the numbers will continue to rise. SHM solutions consultants are experienced underwriters and processors knowing full well what type of loan products they are mitigating which enables them to produce a successfully closed file. Identifying the highest value from distressed mortgages is to create tangible solutions that help borrowers resolve the issues that they face and simultaneously, improve profitability for lenders. SHM is becoming the industry leader in loss mitigation because of its passion for protecting its investors’ assets by creating deals that work.    

SHM’s corporate commitment of excellence is embedded into forward progress and services innovation. Our technology platform is not our backbone, like most companies boast, our personnel is, and together our teams of asset managers and loss mitigation experts are creating value for lenders everyday, investors and borrowers by tailoring real solutions that fit the unique situation of each loan.   

 Loss mitigation is an extensive process that can result in satisfactory solutions for borrowers, servicers, and investors alike. SHM understands that the process works well when a seasoned loss mitigation successfully communicates with a borrower and mutually beneficial variables fall into place.    

Without a strong line of direct and consistent communication, critical data – such as financial information, understanding the level of the borrowers intentions and willingness to cooperate in a loan resolution – a successful resolution to a file will not be achieved. SHM understands the loss mitgation landscape as well as our own niche market, we deliver service that supports your loss mitigation efforts by raising overall borrower contact, increasing loan workout ratios and fulfilling investor requirements.