• Increase your profit margins dramatically
  • Reduce your overhead by more than 65%
  • Clear log jammed pipelines
  • Scalable
  • Attorney Backed Fulfillment Centers

 The majority of Real Estate related law firms lack the necessary banking and processing experience and rely on poorly trained and overpaid staff to achieve positive consumer defense results. Our mortgage and commercial loan processors are completely bilingual and have a minimum of 10 years of mortgage banking and private lending experience in both processing and underwriting mortgages. Our loss mitigation systems allows for total real time case updates and transparency. We have consistently obtained the highest volume of positive homeowner retention results on on the east coast. Our center are directed and supervised by licensed attorneys for attorneys and each case is vetted and  is properly submitted with regards to complete industry compliance standards. Leverage our processing power to your benefit and concentrate on more important matters, such as expanding your bottom line and operations.