Core services and solutions



Quality, efficiency and technology are key drivers in SHM’s niche servicing approach. SHM distinguishes itself by its track record as a private default solutions fulfillment center and sub-servicer. Expanding our victories on our diverse expertise in result driven services and workouts with light to severely delinquent loans.As a debt collector, SHM provides comprehensive solutions for any non-performing portfolio of 1st or 2nd liens with Latino/Hispanic homeowners. Our fulfillment centers are organized with the specific specialty personnel with the skill sets to succseffuly engage niche distressed markets that deserve equal too and important care.In addition to our expertise in special servicing, we have a broad range of component servicing options which can be tailored to meet specific needs or requirements such as:

Borrower contact campaigns:

SHM’s Solutions Consultants (SCs) thoroughly skip trace all loans and contact the borrower within the first 5 days of acquisition. They work individually assigned cases where every account is reviewed, called, lettered and fully understood in order to offer the most advantageous, custom workout solution for all stakeholders.  


 SHM has been processing and facilitating modifications since 2008. This experience expedites the loan modification process in very exclusive ways. We know the homeowner in distress very well. By closing over 3,000 files successfully, we are comfortable with producing results under time constraints.  

Latino homeowner retention:

 SHM offers both aggressive and proactive compliant solutions to locate and connect with homeowners, bringing industry experience, knowledge and insight to home retention. Working collaboratively with borrowers and stakeholders to preserve asset value and maximize recovery is the core of our business model.  

SHM uses proprietary methods, customized workflows and advanced technology to redefine the concept of high-touch servicing. By truly understanding borrowers’ “psychological equity” and underlying motivation to keep their homes, SHM has produced impressive and sustainable results on all types of loans in the default lifecycle.SHM unique borrower-focused outreach and contact methodology is fully integrated with advanced technology, tools and applications to help borrowers retain their homes.