who we are

Standard Holdings Management LLC is a legal support services provider to law firms, investors, and financial institutions. Providing loss mitigation, financial analytics, mortgage back securities auditing, securitization auditing, and paralegal support. It is a comprehensive default solutions company that focuses on investments in whole loans & non-performing assets, mortgage and asset-backed securities, servicing support, and the disposition of performing and non performing note pools. We provide a range of niche services, including mortgage related advisory services.  

  While most contemplate and hypothesize theory, we put into practice systems and services that produce results. Our approach is simple, NATIONWIDE DEFAULT SOLUTIONS. By consistently evolving our business methodologies and practices we are consistently investing heavily into technology, streamlining compliance, and human capital. We are the tip of the spear.   


 Standard Holdings Management is geared towards providing superior service in a niche, underserved market, thus enabling banks, investors, and asset managers more profitable alternatives to foreclosure. SHM entered the business by utilizing an industry first approach, reverse engineering the foreclosure process, both from a financial and legal approach. By retaining some of the best legal minds in the field, trustees, mortgage auditors, securities experts, and bankers, we approached the foreclosure industry as a whole through the eyes of howeowners in distress. By unraveling every angle of defensive and offensive postures that can be utilized by home owners and their counsel, we were able to learn and master loss mitigation and default servicing pitfalls that resulted in bank and servicer losses.  

 By being on the “front lines” of both sides of the "coin" allows us to have a current and clear view of the loss mitigation industry as a whole. We are consistently investing heavily into technology, streamlining compliance, and leveraging our prized asset, human capital.Since then SHM has developed proprietary in house servicing models, collection practices, and loan satisfaction transactions using proven resolution methods that work. We have experience that correlates with performance. Specializing in supporting B2B Investors and Asset managers who have portfolios that contain Hispanic/Latino homeowners in distress, a niche market that has banks and servicers alike suffering from deep losses. Our approaches span from homeowner SPOC compliance to aggressive retention services support, by providing advisory services that focus on superior results.   

Standard Holdings Management LLC. Is not associated with the government or government agency.

We do not  offer any of these services directly  to the general public, and our staff assisting with these particular support services must operate under attorney supervision and only in direct support of said legal entity when conducting these services. Any modficication services are solely performed for Law Firms or licensed Non-Profit organizations and are Compliant with Mortgage Assistance Relief Services Rules. as we do not collect, cure, or modify debt directly.